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 International Judging Panel (Planned)

Tomaz Mok
MCCANN Chairman
Chairman, International Judging Panel, Asia-Pacific Cosmetic Creative Contest

As a representative of China's advertising industry, he marks a new era of advertising, he is the first batch from areas outside the mainland to enter the mainland one to open up the business of advertising. His leading role in the mainland's advertising industry and a significant influence for the whole industry is recognized.
One of the four great men of Chinese advertising. Mr. Mo Kangsun worked in the advertising industry for more than 40 years, has served as Mccann's Hongkong, Singapore, the United States, Taiwan, New York, China's Executive Creative Director.
CRESTA, MOBIUS, HK4A, HKDA, SINGAPORE 4A, PATA AWARDS, Longxi Awards, Times Asia-pacific Advertising Awards, the Guangzhou daily award and so on... ...



Christophe Pradére
Jury / 1-3rd
CEO & Founder BETC Design
Christophe Pradere is a diversified designer has created a euro RSCG lean advertising company retail and corporate design department, successfully obtained such as Auchan, Leclerc, Intel, LV, Remy Martin, Jean Paul Gaultier, L'Oreal, etc. leading brand trust, and guide the Air France and the French Peugeot in the field of luxury goods and cosmetics brand segmentation, Lancome. .....
Christophe Blin
Jury / 3rd

Created in 1996
Located in Clairac (France) and in Madrid (Spain).
We are specialized in:

... ...


Cui Xiaohong
Jury /2-3rd
The founder of Mariedalgar
She is currently serving as the general manager of Shanghai Feiyang Cosmetics Company. since the transition from the traditional technology to make-up products since 2006, she obtained the achievements of selling 1 grafting mascara every 15 seconds in the Chinese market for the slogan of "300% growth and 7 times denser". since then, many of the products from her company were recognized by the make-up authorities, thus becoming the popular ...
Jury /2-3rd
Co-founder and Managing Director for Sina Retail & Image
Giacomo arrived in China in 1992.
He worked until 1998 for different Italian companies in Beijing, than in 1998 moved to Shanghai to join L'Oreal China.He remained 11 years in the L'Oreal Group, always in charge of brand image and counter design.During four years, from 2002 to 2006 he worked at L'Oreal headquarters in Paris, in charge of worldwide L'Oreal.....
Jamal Merdassi
Jury /2-3rd
The Co Founder & Creative Director of My Design Company (UK) Ltd.

My Design Company is a London-based multi-disciplinary design studio working at the intersection between design and communication. As a truly multi-disciplinary company each and every project they work on requires it's own unique process and understanding. For them the 'design process' is not only about creating aesthetically desirable brands and objects... ...

LongTu Shao
Jury /1-3rd
Chairman of the Shaw&Shaw Advertising Co,Ltd

Distinguished experts of the Shanghai brand building association
Chief planner of the SCIC
Chief designer of the Expo 2010 Shanghai China mascot "Haibao"
Deputy director of the SCIC
Member of the The expert committee, SBPC / Guest professor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University , Fudan University, Brand Academy - Hochschule für Design und Kommunikation - University of Applied Sciences ,Such as other 21 Universitys... ...

Marc Rosen
US / 美国
Jury /3rd
Marc Rosen

(Marc Rosen since 1972, BURBERRY ELIZABETH ARDEN | | Burberry, Elizabeth Arden, KARL LAGERFELD | Carle Lagerfeld, CHLOE | Chloe, FENDI | Fendi and other world-class luxury brand designed perfume bottles, classic and won seven FiFi awards in the process (the perfume industry Oscar award).
He has been in contact with international superstars since 70s, and he has been a superstar and a favorite brand designer of the royal family

Xu Jun
Jury /1-3rd
Chairman of the Shaw&Shaw Advertising Co,Ltd

Chief designer of Shanghai Jahwa Corporation and Director of Creative Design at National Industrial Design Center. / Standing Director of China Fashion & Color Association, Director of China Industrial Design Association, Standing Director of Shanghai Federation of Literary and Art Circles/Shanghai Creative Designers Association, Director of Fashion Design Committee ... ...

Zhenghua Yang
Jury /2-3rd
Publicis Shanghai & Guangzhou CEO

Born in Taiwan, CH entered the advertising industry in1988.With over 20years'advertising working experience, he has worked in famous agencies such as Ogilvy Taiwan, JWT Taiwan, Ideology Taiwan, etc. And came to China in 2003. He joined Public is Shanghai in 2007 and now is Chief Executive Officer of Public is Shanghai & Guangzhou.One of the few advertising experts with fully-integrated communication ... ...

Jury /1-3rd
The original South Korea amore Pacific Group Chief cosmetics packaging designer

SULWHASOO Design development) / 1995 : AMORE PACIFIC France secondment (Lolita Lempicka, LIRIKOS development 3 years work) / 1999 : AMORE PACIFIC Design Center Manager (Total Cosmetics Design art Director) / 2005 : CN+WORKS Design Company (CEO)... ...

Zhang Dong Shuo
Jury /3rd
M° Global Group CEO