Asia Pacific cosmetics contest (hereinafter referred to as the contest) is the global first focus on the field of cosmetics international events. Judges are top and creative around the world. The international president of the jury is Mo kangsun , who is the chairman of Mccann bright Advertising Co., Ltd. ,and inviting cosmetics creative fields to the authority of 10 International Master composition heavyweight jury, through the strict standards of review, we will select the best entries, to create the most professional, the most authoritative, most has the Gold Award, called cosmetics creative circles of Oscar.......



  1. Witnessed your work, and the crown will be the 10 international masters of the jury by Mo Kangsun.
2. Won the three silver medal above the level of the designer, we will invite you to become the next judges.
3. The winning entries will be displayed on the CTYPEAWARDS AWARDS website, and a link to your own website;
4. The winning entries will be published or presented in the world magazine, web site or blog.
5. The award-winning designers will be free to participate in our international beauty makeup master course
6. The winning designer will be signed by the international cosmetics incubator creative platform to become a contract designer, get more quality customers at home and abroad Brief.
7. The award-winning concept works will be adopted by the sponsor, and pay high royalties.
8. Finish your designer brand dream. Your excellent concept of creative works will be made and promote to the grand market by the platform , the brand side, and the supplier . You can not only become a partner of the brand, but also will get huge profits.