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  1. Background

CTYPE AWARDS | Asia Pacific cosmetics contest (hereinafter referred to as the contest) is a focus on the field of cosmetics international events. Judges are top and creative around the world. The international president of the jury is Tomaz Mok, who is the chairman of Mccann bright Advertising Co., Ltd. , and inviting cosmetics creative fields to the authority of 10 International Master composition heavyweight jury, through the strict standards of review, CTYPEAWARDS will select the best entries, to create the most professional, the most authoritative, the most quality Award, called cosmetics creative circles of Oscar……
The award was organized by the COSONE fashion brand incubator platform. The aim is to realize the cross-border cooperation in various fields and promote the global upgrading of the cosmetics creative industry through the strength of global cosmetics innovation.
Awards official website: www.ctypeawards.com



  1. 2018 CTYPEAWARDS | Asia-Pacific Cosmetics Creative Contest is now fully open!
    1.Collection of works
    1.1 WORKSHOP
    Bonuses up to 20,000 US dollars!

This year's concept design category is designed with the theme of "Jane Mua Makeup" (www.janemua.com / refer to Brief), which is also a WORKSHOP for global designers. Grasp the international fashion trends, gain insights into consumer needs, and create a luxury, personalized, customized make-up brand. Create concept ideas through new brand concepts and creative stories: memory symbol design, device development design, and packaging design (total 3 item). CTYPEAWARDS hopes to see more cutting-edge designers, with different creative perspectives as an entry point, to show and challenge themselves to the world's top designers.
Winners can quickly sign an international fashion creative brand incubator platform and receive a certain number of bonuses.


1.2/ Past cosmetic cases
Entries include the VI image design, advertising creativity, packaging design, video interaction, space design, PR marketing creativity and single product design sales TOP award categories (including non-proposition concept design), will present frontier, diverse, cross-border, cross-border design concept. CTYPEAWARDS collects outstanding cosmetics products from domestic and foreign cosmetics companies, professional design agencies, independent studios, teachers, and designers who love design.
Note: The award is a CTYPEAWARDS award category. For details, please refer to “Awards Setting”.

  1. 2.Organizational Structure
    Organizer: COSONE • Fashion Creative Brand Incubation Platform, Appearance App
    Undertaker:Lion’e Brand Promotion Agency (Shanghai), COSONE Brand Management
    Strategic cooperation: Appearance App、M ° Global Group、NOSIGNER
    Sponsored by: Shanghai ChuanMei
    Supporting Organizations:
    China Cosmetics Conference, China Advertising Association, Asia-Pacific Design Company, Hong Kong Design Association, Taiwan Packaging Design Association, Shanghai Advertising Association, Donghua University School of Clothing and Art Design, Shanghai Design Capital Week Organizing Committee, Creative Sound, CDS China Designer Salon, "Packaging and Design" Magazine, and HEY Design O2O Design Exchange Platform
    Special support: Shanghai Designer Club, Package Network (www.pkg.cn), 9 Gutian Road

    Award time: December 8, 2018
    Event address: 6F, Building 13, No. 505, Zhongshan South Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai



The 2018 International Judging Panel has formulated:

Tomaz Mok (Macau): McCann-Erickson World Group Former Chairman

Asia Pacific Cosmetics Innovation Award International Jury Chair

Christophe Pradére (France): CEO of BETC

Cui Xiaohong (Shanghai): Founder of Mariedalgar

Eisuke Tachikawa (Japan): Founder of Nosigner Design Company

Marc Rosen (United States): CEO of Marc Rosen associates

Matthieu Rochette-Schneider (France): Centdegrés China General Manager

Xu Jun (Shanghai): Shanghai Jahwa National Industrial Design Center, Creative Design Director

Yang Zhenghua (Taiwan): Publicis Advertising Shanghai/Guangzhou CEO

Zheng Fenglong (South Korea): International Top Packaging Design Master

Zhang Dongshuo (South Korea): CEO of M° Global Group


Awards consultant: Wu Jinjun: Chief Representative of New York Advertising Festival China
Curatorial consultant: Xu Jun
Joint promoters: Ma Wanshan
Organizing Committee: Chen Yu, Dong Fanran, Gu Peng, Lu Junyi, Li Haijun, Liu Yi, Ni Haijun, Yan Hongjie, Sun Wei, Wu Liang, Wang Lefei, Yan Huiqing, Xu Jian, Xu Yibing...
Note: The above alphabetical sorting, ranking in no particular order


  1. 9 Reasons, You Can't Miss Us

1.1 Get high copyright bonuses:
First Prize: 20,000 US dollars; Second Prize: 15,000 US dollars; Third Prize: 10,000 US dollars
Note: The above awards will be selected by the brand and will pay the corresponding copyright fee. All bonuses are pre-tax. According to the actual exchange rate and tax, approximately 20% of the processing fee will be deducted.
1.2. Your work is awarded by the jury consisting of 10 international masters led by Mok Kong Sun;
1.3. You will be invited to become the next judge by a designer who has won three silver medals or above.
1.4. Display your winning entries on the official website of CTYPEAWARDS.COM, with links to your personal website;
1.5. Your winning entries will be published and introduced in nearly 100 media such as major magazines and websites.
1.6. The award-winning designers will sign the COSONE Fashion Innovation Brand Incubation Platform to become the Queen's Designer and get more premium customers at home and abroad.
1.7. The award-winning concept works will be adopted by the sponsors and pay high royalty fees.
1.8. Completing your dream of a designer brand. Your outstanding conceptual creative works will be jointly funded by the platform, the brand and the supplier, and will be launched to the market. Not only can you become a brand partner, but you will also receive substantial benefits.
1.9. Signed COSONE | International fashion creative brand incubator platform to gain more cooperation opportunities and market exposure.



  1. Prize Arrangements

Entries include the VI image design, advertising creativity, packaging design, video interaction, space design, PR marketing creativity, single product design sales TOP awards and other categories (including non-proposition concept design), will show frontier, diverse, cross-border, cross-border design concept. CTYPEAWARDS collects outstanding cosmetics products from domestic and foreign cosmetics companies, professional design agencies, independent studios, teachers, and designers who love design.
The 4th CTYPEAWARDS has changed from original focus on creative design to every step of the brand's visual behavior, allowing more diversified creatives to be discovered, and will also more specifically promote the overall visual behavior of the domestic cosmetics industry.


1. CTYPEAWARDS Platinum Award
2. CTYPEAWARDS Silver Award
3. CTYPEAWARDS Bronze Award
4. CTYPEAWARDS Judges Award
5. CTYPEAWARDS Nomination Award

CTYPEAWARDS Single category awards
1. CTYPEAWARDS Marketing PR Creative Award
2. CTYPEAWARDS Creative Sales TOP Award
3. CTYPEAWARDS Best Paper Award
4. COSONE Ranking Top Award
5. CTYPEAWARDS Best Original Concept Award
6. CTYPEAWARDS Best Photography Award
7. CTYPEAWARDS best makeup styling award

1. CTYPEAWARDS concept gold medal / Bonus $ 20,000
2. CTYPEAWARDS Concept Silver Award / Bonus $15,000
3. CTYPEAWARDS Concept Bronze Award / Bonus $10,000
4. CTYPEAWARDS concept nomination Award
Note: If you cannot participate in the CTYPEAWARDS Award Ceremony in December 8, 2018, you can order (purchase) your own trophy or certificate in advance from the e-mail address on www.ctypeawards.com. It will be sent to you by mail in January 2019.

  1. Eligibility

The awards are for domestic and foreign cosmetics brands, professional design agencies, independent studios, teachers, college students, and independent designers collecting outstanding works. The submissions are cases after January 1, 2017, including skin care, make-up, fragrances, hairdressing, and body care.
Remarks: There is no need to pay the registration fee.


  1. Content of Solicitation

A: VI Image Design
VI overall image design, logo graphic design, brand font design, cosmetics-related guidance system (brand interior, commercial space), etc.; (submit 300dpi design original AI works and creative interpretation PDF).
B: Print Advertising Ideas
Character image poster design, product image poster design, brand poster image poster design, etc.; (submit 300dpi design draft, creative interpretation PDF).
C: Packaging Design
Bottle-type packaging design (including open mold and male mold), flower box packaging design, gift box design, explosive packaging design, etc.; (submit 300 dpi renderings, creative interpretation PDF and original works).
D: Video + Digital
Advertising films, brand image films, micro films, documentaries, digital interaction, Digital, etc.; (submitted to MP4 format, within 30M).
E: Space Design
Overall commercial space design, store design, terminal counter design, window design, prop design, etc.; (submit 300dpi renderings).
F: Conceptual Creative Design
Conceptual creative works with the theme of “Jane Mua Makeup” include memory symbol design, device development design, packaging design (including brand new concept interpretation, creative strategy/reasoning, creative story, visual design, and other creative interpretation PDF).
G: PR Marketing Ideas
Original creative marketing case with influence after January 1, 2017.
H: Copywriting
Brand-related copy cases with certain influence and communication after January 1, 2017.
I: Single Product Creative Sales TOP Award
September 1st, 2017, September 30th, 2018, 20th, September, 1818, Creative submissions and sales data for single product submission.
J: other categories
January 1, 2017 after the original concept design (not this proposition design), photography, illustration, makeup and other shapes.


1/ Submit work
This is a case of a cosmetic creative work after January 1, 2017, with the entry category (eg Category A)
Entries will be submitted electronically. After the works are selected, they will be notified separately to submit the original works to the Organizing Committee.
1) electronic version of the document: the design category is submitted in the form of Email, A4 screen, pixel accuracy 300dpi, JPG file in CMYK and RGB mode, and attached with the PDF format of creative interpretation;
2) Concept design submission (Cream makeup): Submit in Email form, A4 screen, 300dpi pixel accuracy, JPG files in CMYK and RGB modes, plus a creative interpretation PDF format (including brand new concept interpretation, creative strategy/reasoning, Creative story, visual design);
3) Multimedia works: The size of video files must not exceed 30MB, and each work must submit electronic documents or creative PDF formats with no more than 8 shots.
4) Space design: Each work needs to submit electronic documents of works with no more than 8 main screens, plus a PDF format for creative interpretation;
5) Single-item awards: In the form of Email, attach the specific data and data of the project, and submit it in PDF format.
Award Registration Form: http://www.ctypeawards.com/2018cn-about.htm
Mail Name: Category - Contestant's Name - Home City - Contact Phone
File Name: Work Category - Entrant Name - Work name
2/ Number of submissions
1 to 5 pieces (a series of works count) personal works, if the team works, you must be the creative staff, the entries will be classified according to the content of the work. (Note: Designer resumes and photos are required)

Online submission:
Please follow the above requirements to send the work documents and relevant information to: rockwu@cosone.com、3239000455@qq.com

Physical mail:
Address: 503 Tianshan Building, 30 Tianshan Road, Shanghai, China Postal Code: 200336
Telephone: +86-021-52163528, 62332788 - 803
Contact: Becca He / Rock Wu


  1. Dealing with related information and copyright issues

1. All entries and related materials sent to the Grand Prize Organizing Committee will not be refunded.
2. All entries must have independent intellectual property rights and must not infringe on the intellectual property rights of others. Legal disputes arising from such entries shall be borne by the applicant (unit).
3. The right of authorship and related intellectual property rights of all the entries shall be owned by the applicants (units). If the winners are purchased by the brand, the copyright belongs to the brand. CTYPEAWARDS has the right to advertise, publish, distribute and exhibit all the entries. Wait.
4. All participating conceptual design works and CTYPEAWARDS logos are filed by a third party and may not be used for their own use without CTYPEAWARDS authorization. Otherwise, they will be treated as infringement.
5. The organizing agency of the event reserves the right of final interpretation of various activities.




  1. Event Schedule

The collection begins:  July 1, 2018
Deadline for entry:  September 30, 2018
The review phase:  October 01-15, 2018
Selected Announcement:  October 20, 2018
Original submission:  Before November 5, 2018
Notice of winning the prize:  November 10, 2018 (email)
Award time:  December 08, 2018


  1. COSONE CONFERENCE & Asia-Pacific Cosmetic Creative Contest 2018

Event time: December 08, 2018
15:30-17:00 Roundtable Meeting(10 brand members + 2 international judges / invitation system)
18:30-19:00 Sign in / Visit works
19:00-20:00 COSONE Conference
20:00-21:00 Asia-Pacific Cosmetics Creative Awards Ceremony

Event address: 6F, Building 13, No. 505, Zhongshan South Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai


  1. Strategic Media Partners

"Fashion," "Cosmetics Watching," "Packages and Design," "Advertising man," "Design 360°," "Creation," "New Sight," "Art and Design," "Chinese Advertising," and "New Plane." "," "Fashion Color," "Large Design," and "Brand."

  1. Supporting Media

@Asia CI Network @China Design Brand Center @Brand Research Center @Hong Kong Designers Association
@Hong Kong Design Center @Shanghai Designer Club @Lu Junyi - Design Site @ Youth Design


  1. Consulting & Contact Info

Phone: +86-021-52163528 or +86-021-62332788 turn 803
Contact: Becca He \ Rock Wu
Email: rockwu@cosone.com
Online consultation: Wechat: cosonegroup, QQ: 3405231450 (please specify the award consultation)

Grand Prize official website: www.ctypeawards.com
Official Public Wechat: CTYPEAWARDS2014

Wechat: cosonegroup
Sina official microblogging: Asia-Pacific cosmetics creative award