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    CTYPEAWARDS is a international event focusing on cosmetics. Accompanied by top creative review from around the world, Mr. Mok., the founder of MATCH, served as Chairman of the international judge group, and invited 10 most authoritative international masters in the field of cosmetics creation to form a jury of heavyweights and pass strict assessment standards and choose the most creative works. We will create the specialized, authoritative and authentic award. It is honored the Oscar in the field of cosmetics creation.
    CTYPEAWARDS is prepared by www.cosone.com, the incubation platform for creative fashion brands. Its purpose is to realize the trans-field cooperation and improve the globalized upgrading of the field of cosmetics creation by presenting the strength of the cosmetics creation in the world.
    Official website: www.ctypeawards.com



    Bonuses up to 20,000 US dollars!

  2. Bonuses up to 20,000 US dollars!
    Being different from CTYPEAWARDS, 2019 COSMETIC WORKSHOP is an independent contest unit, and it will be held by the sponsor and the brands irregularly in a year. A different theme will be issued each time and the global designers will be invited to brainstorm for creation.
    One work standing out from WORKSHOP finally will be awarded for 20000 USD, and it will be promoted for the final CTYPEAWARD appraisal and election in this year. The grand prize for CTYPEAWARD will also be selected from the WORKSHOP winners of each year.
    The theme of this WORKSHOP is “WETHERM No.1 Moisturizing Water” (for the details, please refer to the brief in annex). We hope that the designers can explain the concept of No.1 Moisturizing Water of “instant make-up” with more fashionable and unique perspectives. The concrete content includes the visual image of internal and external packages of the product, the stories of creation, etc, so that the individual product will have more brand trace and memories.
    Note: The copyright of the finally award work belongs to the sponsor of WORKSHOP, and when the competitors are submitting the drafts, it means that they agree to abide by the rules of CTYPEAWARDS WORKSHOP.
    The prizes are the pre-tax prizes, and about 40% of them will be deducted as the proceeding expenses and taxes according to the actual exchange rate and tax rate; the copyright of the work of the competitor winning the grand prize will belong to the sponsor of WORKSHOP.



III.The highlights of this contest
1. The annual WORKSHOP unit is added and it will be held irregularly in a year; the sum of prize is 20000 USD; at the same time, the awarded work will be recommended by the sponsor and sold in the market.
2. The awarded work on original concept will be popularized in the market by the brand party and COSONE, and win the original payment of royalty.
3. The prize of unicorn for students is added, and the prize-winner will be recommended by COSONE platform and realize the cooperation with the famous brands.

  1. 2.Organizational Structure
    Organizer: COSONE • Fashion Creative Brand Incubation Platform, Appearance App
    Undertaker:Lion’e Brand Promotion Agency (Shanghai), COSONE Brand Management
    Strategic cooperation: Appearance App、M ° Global Group、NOSIGNER
    Sponsored by: WETHERM



The 2019 International Judging Panel has formulated:

Tomaz Mok (Macau): The founder of MATCH

Asia Pacific Cosmetics Innovation Award International Jury Chair

Christophe Pradére (France): CEO of BETC

Cui Xiaohong (Shanghai): Founder of Mariedalgar

Marc Rosen (United States): CEO of Marc Rosen associates

Matthieu Rochette-Schneider (France): Centdegrés China General Manager

Xu Jun (Shanghai): Creative Director of Jahwa Design Center

Yang Zhenghua (Taiwan): Publicis Advertising Shanghai/Guangzhou CEO

Zheng Fenglong (South Korea): International Top Packaging Design Master

Zhang Dongshuo (South Korea): CEO of M° Global Group

Felipe Sena:Creative Director of Marc Rosen associates



Awards consultant:

Wu Jinjun: The chief representative of New York Festival in ChinaCurator
Curatorial consultant:

Xu Jun: Creative Design Director of Jahwa Design Center Co-initiator
Joint promoters:

Ma Wanshan: The founder of COSONE


    1. Winning the unique top prize through WORKSHOP – the Grand Prize and $20,000.
    Note:If the above winning works are selected by the brand, the corresponding copyright fee will be paid. All bonuses are before tax. According to the actual exchange rate and tax, about 40% of the handling fee will be deducted.
    2. Witnessing that you work is awarded the top prize by the jury composed of 10 international masters, which is led by Mr. Mok.
    3. The designer winning the gold prize for three consecutive times will be invited as the judge in the next contest.
    4. Your award-winning work will be shown in the official website (www.ctypeawards.com), and there will be a link pointing to your personal website;
    5. Your award-winning work will be publicized and introduced in hundreds of media, including major magazines and websites.
    6. The award-winning designer will be signed with COSONE the incubation platform for creative fashion brands and become the registered designer, and he/she will obtain more brief of excellent domestic and foreign customers as well as the exposure rate in the market.
    7. Realizing your dream of being a brand designer; your excellent concepts and creative works will be created by the platform, brand party and supplier after contribution and will be introduced in the market ceremoniously. You can not only become the brand partner, but also be awarded with abundant benefit.
    8. The award-winning design might enter COSONE International Design Center to provide the annual creation services for the brand party by himself/herself, and he/she will obtain surplus values.
    9. The award-winning designer has the opportunity to become the global creation partner of COSONE to promote the domestic and foreign businesses and construct the hot creative shop of light assets with the colleagues.


Category A: VI image design
The design of general VI image, design of logo and graph, design of brand font and the signage system relating to cosmetics (interior space for the brand and commercial space, etc).
Submission: The original AI work and design manuscript (300dpi) and the PDF explaining the creation.
Category B: The creation of 2D advertisement
The design of the post for personal images, design of the post on product image and design of the brand post and image post, etc.
Submission: The design manuscript (300dpi) and the PDF explaining the creation.
Category C: The package design (including the concept and the products on sale)
The design of bottle design (including die sinking and male die), design of flower box package, design of gift box and design of faddish package, etc.
Submission (the product sold on market): the effect picture (300 dpi), the PDF explaining the creation and the original work
Submission (conceptual work): the effect picture (300 dpi), the PDF explaining the creation
Category D: Video + Digital
Advertising film, film of brand image, micro film, documentary, digital interaction and Digital, etc.
Submission: MP4 format, no larger than 30M
Category F: Space design
The design of overall commodity space, design of exclusive shop, design of terminal counter, design of showcase, design of props, etc.
Submission: the effect picture (300 dpi).
Category F: The creation of PR marketing
The influential and original cases of creative marketing after January 1, 2018.
Category G: official documents
The influential cases on the official documents relating to brands with the certain transmissibility after January 1, 2018.
Category: The TOP prize on the sales amount of creation for individual product
Submission: The design of creation for individual product and data of sales amount (September 1, 2018 – August 25, 2019)
Category I: The other categories
The original concept design after January 1, 2018 (not the theme of this contest), photography, illustration, cosmetic art, etc.


1.Grand prize
2.The Grand Award
3.Workshop concept silver award
4.Workshop concept bronze award
5.Workshop concept nomination award
2. CTYPEAWARDS Silver Award
3. CTYPEAWARDS Bronze Award
4. CTYPEAWARDS Judges Award
5. CTYPEAWARDS Nomination Award
CTYPEAWARDS Single category awards
1. CTYPEAWARDS Marketing PR Creative Award
2. CTYPEAWARDS Creative Sales TOP Award
3. CTYPEAWARDS Best Paper Award
4. COSONE Ranking Top Award
5. CTYPEAWARDS Best Original Concept Award
6. CTYPEAWARDS Best Photography Award
7. CTYPEAWARDS best makeup styling award
8. CTYPEAWARDS Unicorn Award (student group)

Note: If you are unable to attend the CTYPEAWARDS Awards Ceremony of the evening, you can order (purchase) your trophy or certificate in advance from the email address on www.ctypeawards.com. It will be sent to you by mail in January 2020.


    1. Submitting the works:
    All the works for contest must be the cases of creative works on cosmetics after January 1, 2018.
    Downloading the application form in the official website of the contest (www.ctypeawards.com) and filling in the information for contest and submitting the work according to the requirements of the form.
    The downloading address for the application form of the contest:
    Online submission:
    Mail name: Group-category-competitor name-city-telephone number
    File name: Category_competitor name_work name
    Note: All the submitted works without group indicated will be categorized in the speciality group by default.
    Mail to: becca@cosone.com、rockwu@cosone.com
    2. Submitting the material object of work
    For the works of package design of C category (excluding the conceptual work), the original work should be mailed to CTYPEAWARDS before the deadline of application (September 5). If it isn’t mailed within regulated period, the competitor is regarded to waive this selection by default.
    Mailing address for the material object: Tianshan Plaza Room 503, Tianshan Road No.30, Changning District, Shanghai
    Receiving party: CTYPEAWARDS
    Telephone number:+86-15958456108
    3. The amount of the submitted work
    1 – 5 pieces of individual works (the serial work is regarded as one piece); if the work is done by team cooperation, the applicant must be the main creator. The works will be categorized according to their content.
    IX. The processing of the relevant submitted materials for contest and the copyright problem
    1. All the works for contest and relevant original pieces delivered to CTYPEAWARD will not be returned.
    2. All the works for contest must own the independent intellectual property right, and they can’t infringe the intellectual property right of the others; CTYPEAWARDS has the right to make the competitor present the relevant certificating materials; the contest applicant should hold the legal disputes aroused by the intellectual property right, and they are irrelevant to CTYPEAWARDS.
    3. CTYPEAWARDS has the right to refuse the works for contest, which are thought to be involved in plagiarism or other infringement of the intellectual property right by itself.
    4. The right of signature and the relevant intellectual property right of all the works for contest belong to the applicant (unit), and the copyright of the award-winning work will be bought by the brand party; CTYPEAWARDS has the right to popularize, publicize, issue and exhibit all the works for contest.
    5. All the participating works of conceptual design and the logo of CTYPEAWARDS will be put into record by the third party, and they can’t be used privately without the authorization of CTYPEAWARDS, otherwise it will be regarded as infringement.
    6. The event organization retains the final interpretation of the content of the event.
    1. Contest
    Normal: May 25 – August 24
    Later participation: August 24 – September 5 (each work will be charged for 980 Yuan as the application fee)
    Payment method: Alipay
    Account number: 18817380754
    Note: In order to make the competitor obtain better value experiences, CTYPEAWARDS will charge from the 6th contest and the concrete charging standard will be publicized by the solicit contribution of next time.

  3. 2. The contest arrangement
    Starting contribution: May 25
    Deadline for contest: September 5
    Submitting the material object of work: Before September 5
    First review: September 16 – September 26
    Publishing of first review: September 28 (WeChat Public Platform)
    Prize announcement: October 8 (mail)
    Prize awarding: November 16 (temporary)
    18:00-18:30 Signature and entrance
    18:30-20:30 Prize-awarding ceremony
    20:30-21:00 PARTY TIME
    Date: November 16, 2019
    Address: Exhibition Center, Building No.4, Room 1933, Laochangfang, Suyang Road No.611, Hongkou District, Shanghai
    Telephone number: +86-021-52163528-803 or +86-15958456108
    Contact person: Rock Wu \ Becca He
    Email: rockwu@cosone.com\ becca@cosone.com
    Online consultation: Wechat cosonegroup、QQ 2454436807 (award consultation)
    Official website: www.ctypeawards.com
    Official wechat number: CTYPEAWARDS2014
    Official weibo:亚太化妆品创意大奖