Asia Pacific cosmetics contest (hereinafter referred to as the contest) is the global first focus on the field of cosmetics international events. Judges are top and creative around the world. The international president of the jury is Mo kangsun , who is the chairman of Mccann bright Advertising Co., Ltd. ,and inviting cosmetics creative fields to the authority of 10 International Master composition heavyweight jury, through the strict standards of review, we will select the best entries, to create the most professional, the most authoritative, most has the Gold Award, called cosmetics creative circles of Oscar.......




1. Winning the unique top prize through the workshop – the Grand Prize.
Note:The prizes are the pre-tax prizes, and about 40% of them will be deducted as the proceeding expenses and taxes according to the actual exchange rate and tax rate;


2. Witnessing that you work is awarded the top prize by the jury composed of 10 international masters, which is led by Mr. Mok;


3. The designer winning the gold prize for three consecutive times will be invited as the judge in the next contest;



4. Your award-winning work will be shown in the official website (, and there will be a link pointing to your personal website;


5. Your award-winning work will be publicized and introduced in hundreds of media, including major magazines and websites;


6. The award-winning designer will be signed with COSONE the incubation platform for creative fashion brands and become the registered designer, and he/she will obtain more brief of excellent domestic and foreign customers as well as the exposure rate in the market;


7. Realizing your dream of being a brand designer; your excellent concepts and creative works will be created by the platform, brand party and supplier after contribution and will be introduced in the market ceremoniously. You can not only become the brand partner, but also be awarded with abundant benefit;



8. The award-winning design might enter COSONE International Design Center to provide the annual creation services for the brand party by himself/herself, and he/she will obtain surplus values;


9. The award-winning designer has the opportunity to become the global creation partner of COSONE to promote the domestic and foreign businesses and construct the hot creative shop of light assets with the colleagues.



18:00-18:30 Signature and entrance
18:30-20:30 Prize-awarding ceremony
20:30-21:00 PARTY TIME

Date: November 16, 2019

Address: Exhibition Center, Building No.4, Room 1933, Laochangfang, Suyang Road No.611, Hongkou District, Shanghai